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Saturno Apollo e Lançador Móvel Modelo 3D

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A propriedade intelectual descrita neste modelo , incluindo o marca "nasa", não é afiliada ou endossada pelos detentores dos direitos originais e deve ser usada de acordo com restrições de uso editorial .
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Lightwave 9.6 Default Scanline

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3D Modelo Especificações
ID do produto:1353899
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Mapeado por UV:No
UVs não enrolados:No
TurboSquid Membro desde November 2008
Atualmente vende 49 produtos
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Notícia legal: A propriedade intelectual descrita neste modelo, incluindo o marca "nasa", não é afiliada ou endossada pelos detentores dos direitos originais.


This is an extreme High Definition accurate scale model of the combined Saturn Apollo launch vehicle and Mobile Launcher Umbilical Tower used by both Apollo 8 and 11.

Please download and read the free PDF Reference Guide files for further in depth information about each of these 2 separate products.

Modelled with precision using 1:48 scale blueprints (Saturn Apollo) and the original architect's scaled drawings (Mobile Launcher), along with extensively cross-referred online photographic and video research.

This digital 3D product brings together the 2 separate models into one scene allowing the countdown and launch to be rendered in exacting detail. It also includes both multiple and single layer versions of the Saturn Apollo Lite model (no inner details) to minimise polygon count at lift off.

NB: Launch Complex 39A is NOT included. Please purchase the 3 model composite product if this is required.

402 high resolution texture and bump maps at varying scales offer down to the rivet detail. Additional high resolution decals are provided for the Command Service Module and warning and information signs on the launch tower.

Modelled with LightWave 9.6.


Suitable for UHD video, high-res film close-ups and print.
Accurate representation of the Saturn Apollo vehicle and Mobile Launch Umbilical Tower using the original imperial scale of feet and inches.


Model contains the following:
152 object layers (including interchangeable features outlined in Reference Guides).
2981408 polygons.
2528004 quads, 453404 tris, and 0 ngons.
Standard Lightwave materials & texture maps.


HDRI skydome used in preview images NOT included.
No Photoshop or compositing used for previews.
Default Light & camera is included in file for Signature image scene.
Preview Images rendered with default Lightwave 9.6 scanline renderer.


402 texture maps (PNG and PSD format).
Most textures set at scale of 36 pixels per foot.
Example: Main Saturn LH2 tank map = 3744 x 1721 pixels.


Model built to real-world scale.
Units used: Feet and Inches. Model is 469 feet high and 160 x 136 feet wide.


Pivot points and morph targets are preset in Layout file for all animatable features/layers shown in animation preview video files.

The model contains the following animated parts:

Saturn Apollo:
Stage separation, F1 and J2 engines, fairing covers, retrorocket covers, SLA panels, CSM spotlight and high gain antenna, Earth Landing Systems (CM forward heatshield, drogue, pilot and main parachutes).

Mobile Launcher:
Hammerhead Crane and Trolley/Hook, Elevator, Holddown Arms and Tail Service Masts, Swing Arms and retracting umbilical connections.

Please download the accompanying free videos to see these in action.
Scene files used to render video previews included.


Please also refer to the 2 standalone model products (435413 and 1332670) for more information and downloadable images. Product preview images for all models are also available in the free ZIP file to download and view offline as a slideshow.

Model is memory intensive due to the large amount of geometry and number of texture maps and requires a minimum of 4GB graphics and 8GB of RAM. 16GB or higher recommended.
Modelled on 64-bit OS - i7 5960X CPU - 3.00GHz - Windows 7 Professional 64GB RAM.
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