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Baby Boy Model 3D

przez diijaii
Maya 2016 Ext1  |  mental ray 3.13
FBX 2013
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Od 2004

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This is a rigged model of a Toddler/Baby Boy, originally created with Softimage|XSI

    This product is a Maya 2016 format conversion


    This model is suitable for use in advertising, film and print for up to portrait-level shots.


- Dual Quaternion/Linear blended skin bind method:
       Uses DQ (radial) interpolation to prevent volume loss while allowing linear interpolation in other areas of the model

- References for low performance model parts:
       Toggle hair and wrap deformed cloth on or off for animation performance

- HumanIK rig:
       HumanIK has build-in support for motion capture retargeting, full body IK and features like automatic
       computation of foot/toe-ground-contact

- Elementary facial expression shapes:
       Risorius, LowerLipPull, Sneer, Brows - can be combined into higher level shapes like a laugh

- XGen Hair
       XGen has a number of advantages over the classic hair system, the important ones for this model were:
          * better interpolation between guides
          * paintable hair thickness (important for a realistic hairline)
          * better procedural options for noise, stray hair
          * much better shading

- Additional Shapes for :
       chubby appearance, breathe in/out, babyteeth show/hide

- Shading using mental ray:
         Misss_fast_skin sub surface scattering skin shader         
         xgen_hair_physical (using Marschner shading model)

- Scale
         Scene unit is centimeters. Model size (standing) is 71 centimeters

    A FBX Version is provided that can be imported in all popular 3D packages. The FBX version is rigged using the dual quaternion weightmap and includes textures, blendshapes and basic (not SSS) shading.

    Note that in the FBX version the color correction has to be disabled for the normal map texture.


   Set the project before loading the scene so the xgen components can be found in case the folder has been moved. Also make sure the mental ray plugin is available.
    For more detailed usage information, see the PDF document available in the previews section on the right side of this page.


    8192*8192px normal / color textures for the body
    2048*2048px normal / color textures for the mouth
    1024*1024px tiled color texture for the cloth
    800*800px color texture for the eyes
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