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Maya 2008  |  Other Varios
3D Modello specificazioni
3,339,348 poligoni
3,296,646 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
UV mappato
Mixed UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 879951
902 Prodotti
da 2006

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Hadley's Hope Colony Set From Aliens Film

.MB and textures, done in Maya 2008 64 bits.


'It's what we call a 'shake and bake' colony.'
?Van Leuwen to Ripley, regarding Hadley's Hope (from Aliens)

General information

Terraforming, research and mining colony
Location        Acheron (LV-426)

Chronological information
First appearance        Aliens
Last appearance        Aliens: Colonial Marines

Hadley's Hope was a human terraforming, research and mining colony that was established by Weyland-Yutani sometime in the twenty-second century on LV-426, and which by 2179 maintained a constant population of 158 colonists. It was subject to a major Xenomorph infestation that ultimately all but destroyed the complex.

Hadley's Hope was largely assembled from pre-manufactured modular structures subsequently installed on LV-426's surface, for ease and speed of construction. At least part of the settlement's living areas were assembled from materials recycled from the first starships that brought the colonists to the moon.

As a terraforming colony, the settlement's main function was ensuring the continued operation and maintenance of the nearby Atmosphere Processing Plant. Named after its founder, Curtis Hadley, the colony itself was fairly small, home to some 158 workers and their families and overseen by administrator Al Simpson. Despite the now breathable atmosphere created by the Atmosphere Processor, the planet's surface was still an unpleasant place to be, racked by savage winds and electrical storms, and as a result most of the colonists tended to remain indoors.

The colony complex itself was centred around the operations centre, and also featured a small medical facility in the main building and a bar for recreation in one of the outlying structures. There were also garage facilities for maintaining the colony's fleet of Daihotai Tractors and other vehicles. To offer some protection from the ferocious winds that raged on the moon's surface, a large storm wall was built to shield the colony — however, as the winds only ever blew from the same direction, the wall was only built along one side of the complex.[4] The colony was linked directly to the Atmosphere Processor by means of an underground tunnel that allowed travel between the two locations without having to venture into the often severe storms outside.
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