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Combattant X-Wing modèle 3D

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3ds Max 2013  |  mental ray
3D Studio
FBX 2009
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
1,252 Des polygones
1,836 Sommets
Polygonal Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
Mixed UV non emballés
ID du produit: 1002044
81 Produits
Depuis 2009

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NOTE- Review for model says components are 'grouped' together and cannot be separated. They are LINKED, and can be selected individually and separated.

Low poly yet highly detailed model of an X-Wing fighter from the famous Star Wars franchise. Model is intended for games and real time applications. The product comes with a low poly version of R2-D2 as well as a fleshed out cockpit. The R2 unit comes in 3 different colors. Proper pivot points are set on wings and everything is named in scene. The presentation images with the alternate lighting scheme show how the model will look in a game engine.

The main file contains two poses- the fighter in battle mode and cruising mode. (frame 1 & frame 2 of scene)

512 x 512 diffuse, bump, and spec maps
211 polygons

2048 x 2048 diffuse, bump, spec, and opacity maps
512 x 512 opacity/diffuse map for engine glow
1041 polygons

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