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CVN-78 USS Gerald Ford modèle 3D

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Lightwave 2019  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 11.6.3  |  Default Scanline
FBX 2012
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1,404,206 Sommets
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Depuis 2003

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This is a detailed and accurate exterior model of CVN-78, The USS Gerald Ford, produced from drawings and photographs.

The model was originally modeled in Lightwave 11.6.3 and tested and saved out of LW 2019. OBJ and fbx exports are also included. The model is of a fairly good resolution for the carrier; moderate for the aircraft complement and deck equipment. The texture images are usually found in the lightwave version hierarchy. Standard texturing scheme was used and only an ambient occlusion node was added to the flat metal plates for rendering. Other textures and UV textures are included for the carrier, planes and equipment. They are of varying resolutions.

The package includes the ship modeled in multiple layers, or parts, for easy animation and includes multiple models of ship deck equipment (4 different tow carts, 2 bomb carts. huffer cart, crane, forklift, aircraft ladder, aircraft missiles) and deck aircraft (F35C, F18E, F18F, F18C in gear down and flight configurations).

The main ship file contains lightwave (11.6.3 and 2019) layers or OBJ file parts for : main flight deck / main hull / a watersurface / hangar details / CIWS / catwalks / blast shields / elevators /1/2/3/ sponsons / deckcrane /F18C stowed / F18C ready. The lightwave vesrion contains tris and quads and a few ngons. The OBJ and FBX versions are trigons only.

The fighter complement and deck equipment come in separate LWO, OBJ and FBX files and should load into the main model at flightdeck level.

The fighter jets include: F18E gear down and flight versions; F18F gear down and flight versions and F35C gear down and flight versions.

The deck equipment is updated and in addition to hangar deck equipment. It includes: 4 different tow carts; one huffer cart, 3 jet ordinance missiles, jet ladder, forklift, crane and bomb carts.
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