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Colección de radio 3D de EMboss modelo 3d

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19 precise 3D models of different radio components.
Held to dimensions, with internal details modelled.

1) Ceramic resistor 0.25W, 28M, 5% *
2) Ceramic resistor 1W, 552, 5%
3) Ceramic russian resistor 2W, MLT-2, 1M, 5%
4) Inductor 280mH, 10% *
5) Transistor C9014, C, 8G
6) Russian transistor 2T837B
7) Russian transistor KT315B
8) Russian transistor KT3102B
9) Wet electrolytic capacitor 10mF, 50v
10) Diode N4002
11) Diode in glass corpse
12) Magnetically operated sealed switch
13) Round high-brightness LED
14) Right angle green LED
15) Two digits LED display
16) Russian integrated circuit K555LN1
17) Piezoelectric stabilizer 26.601712 MHz
18) Piezoelectric stabilizer for quartz clock
19) Telephonic contact connector

* The stripes on resistor and inductor were made with
composite materials and You can replace the material
of any stripe to change the nominal.

Description of the archives:

   MAX.RAR - contains the scene, used to render the main thumbnail.
All the components were posed with XForm modifier and You can reset the
transformations with one mouse click. Most materials are VRayMtl type and
VRay is required to render this scene.

   FBX.RAR - contains 19 files with meshes of the components.
Files are named 1..19, according to the list above - this will help
to find the component You wish.

   OBJ.RAR - contains 19 files with meshes of the components in
WaveFront format.

   TEXTURES.RAR - this archive contains 23 texture files in JPG
format. They are required for max scene.

You can download high resolution preview to examine the models deeply.

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