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Eiche Sommer 3 3D-Modell

durch Gerhald3D
Royalty Free Lizenz
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Mitgelieferte Formate
Mar 7, 2019
CheckMate Pro Zertifiziert
Blender 2.79 Cycles Render
3ds Max 2017 V-Ray 3.50
Cinema 4D R16 Default Scanline

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Produkt ID:1377263
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads only
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit February 2016
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Hello, my dear Customer!
I am happy to present you Oak Summer #3 3d model.
Ready for render and animation!
- Oak tree height: 14.5m.
- Units used: Meters
- Native file format: Blender 2.79.

------------------------------ USAGE: ------------------------------------

- This model is suitable for use in architecture visualization, broadcast, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.

--------------------------- TOPOLOGY: --------------------------------

Oak Tree model consist of 4 mesh parts:

- Trunk: 4.746 faces.
- Branches 358.807 faces.
- Leaves: 650.520 faces.
- Roots: 39.329 faces.

TOTAL: 1.053.402 faces.

Only quads topology used.

------------------------ TEXTURES and UV: -------------------------

Model is completely UV-unwrapped. All the UV islands are overlapped to use the same UV space and textures.
You can see all the textures on the preview images.


1) Bark:
- Diffuse.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Normal.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Specular.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Occlusion.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Displacement.png (2048px, 1024px)

2) Leaves:
- Diffuse.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Normal.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Displacement.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Specular.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Opacity.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Occlusion.png (2048px, 1024px)
- Subsurface.png (2048px, 1024px)

You can use 2K textures for close-up and 1K for far-away renders. That will safe your PC memory a lot.

All of the textures variants are packed in textures archive.
TOTAL: 24 textures in archive.

-------------------------- DESCRIPTION: ------------------------------

- There is a 3D model of Oak Summer tree only!
- Model is fully textured with all materials applied (Converted formats .MAX, .C4D as well, take a look at preview images)
- No Ngons and Tris used, just Quads.
- Clear topology with no any artefacts, holes, overlapping polygons and so on.
- No poles with 6+ edges used.
- All materials and textures are intelligently named.
- PBR materials, as you can see on the preview.
- No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- No special plugin needed to open scene.
- Formats .MAX, .C4D, .OBJ, .FBX are included.
- Real world scale 1:1.
- Units of measurement are meters.

-------------------------------- NOTES: ----------------------------------

- The 'other' format on product page is .MTL format for .obj model.

You will like it!
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