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Saturn Apollo


This is a High Definition accurate scale model of the Saturn V Launch Vehicle and Apollo Spacecraft that first took man around the moon in December 1968 (Lunar Module not included).

Please download and read the free 'Saturn Apollo Reference Guide' - PDF for in depth information about this model.

Modeled with precision using detailed 1:48 scale blueprints and extensive photographic research spanning over a year.
Separate stages (including complex thrust structure detail and insulation covered F1 engines) enable realistic animation of staging through from launch to Trans-Lunar Injection. Separate models are also included for re-entry of Command Module and all Earth Landing Systems, including morph targets for drogue, pilot and main parachutes.

313 high resolution texture and bump maps offer down to the rivet detail. Additional high resolution decals are provided for Command and Service Modules.
Interchangeable object layers and textures enable all variations of the 10 manned Saturn Apollo missions (Apollo 8 - 17) to be built (Lunar Module not included), including both old and new style insulation on the second stage and EVA handles on later CSMs. Movable parts include full deployment of the Service Module High Gain Antenna, Docking light and EVA floodlight (not present on Apollo 8).

Multiple LW Scene files include configuration for launch, staging, trans-lunar injection and re-entry and splashdown phases.

J-2 (second and third stage) engines have morph targets to allow them to gimbal during flight. All parachutes also have morph targets to enable realistic deployment.

Modeled with LightWave 9.6

Suitable for HD video, high-res film close-ups and print

Model contains the following:
78 object layers (including 4 x F-1 engine variations with and without insulation)
951662 polygons (total of all single parts, excluding duplicate objects in Scene files)
808771 quads,142891 tris, and 0 ngons
Standard Lightwave materials & texture maps

No Photoshop or compositing used for previews.
Signature image Scene file included
Preview Images rendered with default Lightwave 9.6 scanline renderer.

313 texture maps (PNG and PSD format)
Textures set to varying real world scales aligned to level of detail required:
36 pixels per foot (main model)
12 pixels per inch (main decals)
48 pixels per inch (CSM close up decals)

Model built to real-world scale
Units used: Feet and Inches. Model is 363 feet high and 33 feet in diameter
Scene objects are organized by layers and groups

Pivot points and morph targets are preset in Layout file for all animatable features/layers shown in animation preview video files (please refer to Reference Guide and other downloadable PDFs for morph setups)

Model is memory intensive due to the large number of texture maps and requires a minimum of 256 MB graphics and 2 GB of RAM
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