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Alioscopy Template Search

Search the world’s largest collection of Alioscopy templates

Why the Alioscopy 3D Marketplace?

  • Alioscopy is a leading 3D technology provider of auto-stereoscopic (no-glasses) 3D display technology
  • TurboSquid is the leading global marketplace for 3D Models, Textures, and Plug-ins for customers in every line of media content creation; from Movies, Games, Television News, Architecture, Advertising, Defense and more
  • TOGETHER both companies have joined forces to offer Alioscopy-content producers and consumers the first 3D Marketplace to buy and sell their multi-view 3D templates.

Alioscopy-ready Templates + TurboSquid

Hosted here on TurboSquid, you’re visiting the only place to purchase Alioscopy-ready templates—which are ready for fast customization and integration into just about any kind of auto-stereoscopic 3D campaign running on Alioscopy displays for amazing pop-out and depth effects

What is an Alioscopy-ready Template?

Watch this 2-minute video to learn:

  • How an Alioscopy-ready template is created
  • How buying a pre-created Alioscopy-ready template offers time and budget advantages through simply adding your own company images, branding, and product information for instant display on the Alioscopy display
  • How you can quickly buy, customize, and reuse Alioscopy-ready templates many times over, maximizing your investment through continuous re-use from the many styles that can be associated with just one template

Alioscopy-ready Templates contain relatable and reusable content. Relatable—meaning that fixed sections in the template can be edited and customized to accommodate different customers in literally any business market; Reusable because any template can be customized and re-used multiple times for multiple customers.

How to Buy and Use an Alioscopy-ready Template


Look through the list and descriptions of Alioscopy-ready templates


Once you find templates that fit your creative needs, follow the links to review Template-details, pricing, and potential for customization options


Purchase Templates through the TurboSquid 3D Marketplace after you review terms and pricing data


Once you have purchased your Alioscopy-ready templates, and have established your customization plans / relationships, you are ready to implement the templates for all of your specific audiences at any venue, as many times you choose to use them.