Alioscopy for Content Creators

Who is Alioscopy?

Alioscopy is a leading 3D technology provider for auto-stereoscopic (no-glasses) 3D displays that produce a one-of-a-kind immersive 3D experience.

With the successful growth and popularity of stereoscopic 3D cinema, the demand for 3D visual experiences are everywhere. Outside of entertainment, the business-to-business (B2B) opportunities in digital signage and advertising are riding the 3D wave.

Auto-stereoscopic 3D CONTENT will be the greatest commodity that digital signage customers will need to purchase. Alioscopy and TurboSquid have partnered to offer the first online 3D Marketplace that offers both content producers and content consumers a place to buy and sell Alioscopy-ready content.

Alioscopy-Ready 3D Templates

Leverage your 3D skills and join a marketplace where you can transform standard 3D content playing on a 2D screen into an immersive auto-stereoscopic 3D experience. The attention-grabbing visuals and concepts in an Alioscopy-ready template can be rapidly and affordably created:

  • Alioscopy-ready content, designed as templates, allows content producers to develop a profitable long tail revenue model
  • Customers from many diverse industries can purchase and use the templates you created
  • Use TurboSquid’s existing Custom 3D service to facilitate any edits or customization options between the content producer and the content buyer / consumer
  • Examine our Existing Selection

    Just take a look at our current library of Alioscopy-ready templates to better understand how this new media type can help you increase your earning potential today.