StemCell 3D Models Industry Council

StemCell Industry Council

The StemCell Industry Council includes professionals from the world’s largest computer graphics companies. They share our vision for making 3D easier for all types of professionals and hobbyists to create and consume, and they are helping us develop the StemCell process and spec. TurboSquid is committed to working with our global network of 3D artists to create a massive library of content that will flow cleanly into the applications and ecosystems of all of our Industry Council partners.

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Stefano Corazza

Senior Director of Engineering, Adobe

Stefano Corazza is Senior Director of Engineering at Adobe. Corazza joined Adobe with the company’s acquisition of Mixamo Inc, an online software platform for 3D character animation that he founded and led as CTO/CEO. Prior to Mixamo, Corazza was a research associate at the Stanford University Biomotion Lab, where he developed markerless motion capture technology and won the Stanford-Caltech-Berkeley Innovators’ Challenge in 2005. He holds several patents in the motion capture domain where he has published over a dozen peer-reviewed papers and over thirty conference proceedings. Additionally, Corazza has presented at dozens of conferences, both in the U.S. and abroad, and is an early stage Angel Investor in Silicon Valley.

Melissa Austin

Senior Field Technical Artist, Amazon Lumberyard

Melissa Austin is a Senior Field Technical Artist for Amazon Lumberyard. She helps internal game studios and external customers build better workflow solutions and improve their current workflows. She’s been in the games industry for over six years, with most of her expertise in character and animation pipelines and workflows working closely with artists, designers, and engineers.

Jason Bay

Senior Product Manager, Amazon Lumberyard

Jason is a Senior Product Manager for Amazon Lumberyard, where he guides his product vision to put the needs of game developers first, regardless of whether they are a AAA developer with years of experience, or a small indie about to launch their first Kickstarter. He’s been making software and games since the “multimedia” revolution of the 1990’s, and has shipped numerous games across platforms and genres.

Frank Delise

Senior Director, AR/VR Interactive Group, Autodesk

Frank DeLise is a veteran computer graphics professional with more than 20 years of experience as a 3D artist, designer and executive. Frank’s career has included stints as an artist where he worked on several films including Lost in Space and X-Men as well as running indie and AAA games studios working on titles including Desert Combat, Battlefield 2, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Homefront. In the early 90’s Frank joined Autodesk to lead the design on 3ds Max where he interacted with game developers, improving the process of making games. Today Frank’s combination of industry experience and passion for software development is currently focused on shaping Autodesk digital content creation toolset towards the future.

Lon Grohs

CCO, Chaos Group

Visualization futurist and award-winning artist, Lon Grohs oversees customer strategy as CCO of Chaos Group and is founder of Chaos Group Labs — a collaborative research and development hub, exploring the next generation of rendering technology and virtual reality. Grohs works directly with hardware and software partners to develop and promote industry standards, improve artist workflows, and make rendering more accessible.

Ken Pimentel

Senior Product Manager Enterprise Group, Epic Games

Ken is Senior Product Manager in the Enterprise group at Epic Games. He’s responsible for helping non-game customers transform their processes through the use of real-time visualization engines. Previously, Ken spent 13 years working at Autodesk in various roles for the Media & Entertainment division. His most recent role was the Director in the Industry Strategy & Marketing group focused on visualization. Prior to that, Ken spent many years leading the product management team for a range of products including 3ds Max. Ken joined Autodesk after working for 10 years at Sense8, an early virtual reality company. He’s the holder of several patents in VR and other areas.

Shane Griffith

Senior Product Manager, Foundry

Shane Griffith, Sr. Product Manager for Foundry, is a well-seasoned industry veteran with more than 20 years of 3D graphics industry experience including software product management and marketing. Shane has an intimate knowledge of the AEC, manufacturing, advertising, games, and film markets – pretty much everything 3D. Previously Shane worked as the Product Manager of 3ds Max and is a well-respected voice in the community. Shane is known for his acute ability to blend his industry experience with his customer knowledge to bring new customer-centric ideas and business models to market.

Jeff Russell

Engineer & Co-Founder, Marmoset

As one of the founding members of Marmoset, Jeff has worked since 2012 on the company’s technical foundation, focusing on graphics and engine development. His attention these days is focused on creating real-time graphics tools for artists. Prior to this he has spent time in game development and virtual reality research.

Paul Babb

CEO, MAXON for the Americas

Paul Babb is currently the president and CEO of MAXON for the Americas, and well known as the face of Cinema 4D, globally recognized as a market-leading 3D motion graphics, visual effects and rendering software application. Babb spearheads efforts to bolster MAXON brand recognition and promote the company’s flagship product, Cinema 4D including the orchestration of product bundles with Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro. He has also forged partnerships with the industry’s top production studios and design firms. His strategic planning and expertise is widely credited for MAXON’s unprecedented growth.

Koshi Hamedi

Director of Strategy, Microsoft 3D Group

10 years ago Koshi co-founded Simplygon with several friends, and together they made Simplygon the gold standard of 3D optimization. In 2017 his company joined forces with Microsoft to realize the big vision of 3D for everyone and Holographic computing. Today he works as Director of Strategy at Microsoft and firmly believes in 3D as a rich form of computing. Koshi’s core belief is that 3D is the final frontier of computing and envisions a world where our physical life will be overlaid with an augmented 3D environment to enrich our experiences in both work and play.