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R160 Train HD 3D модель

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Cinema 4D R10 Advanced Render

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3D модель Характеристики
Код товара:619625
UV Mapped:Yes
Развернутые уф:Mixed
TurboSquid Член С January 2008
В настоящее время продается 31 товары
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Aug 15, 2016
General Information:
Proportionally accurate.
Scale 1 = 1 inch.

Amazing level of detail, on the interior and exterior parts of the model.

This product was made 100% with Cinema4D R10, no plugins used or required.

Product Images:
All images were render with the Cinema4D Advanced renderer with global illumination. No modifications were made to the images other than levels adjustments in Photoshop.

Sky texture not included.

Quads and triangles only.
Topology was carefully crafted adding more details where needed rather than relying on brute force subdivision procedures.

Planar projection was used to generate uv's were necessary.

Materials are native Cinema4D materials.

47 textures files are used on various materials in the size range of 256 to 2048. Textures were sized based on the area they cover and on how important the detail for that texture is.

Normal map textures were used to add relief and details. e.g the ridges on the roof of the cars and some internal details.

The rig was one of the most challenging parts on creating this model due to the many chains, bars and cars that need to be interconnected.

Doors, wheels and motion path have been rigged.
Left and Right doors can be opened and closed with a simple slider.

Wheels turn automatically when the train is animated on a path.

A Custom script has been created that adjusts the position and orientation of all cars on a path, animation of the train is achieved by simply setting keyframes on a single object,

Chains and pars connecting car trains have been rigged with constrains and ik chains.

Advertisement, brands and names in the interior of the train are fictitious.

Technical details:

points 7962
polygons 7566

Car A
Points 204,653
polygons 182,688

Car B
Points 188,533
polygons 174,790

2 cars scene
Points 725,230
polygons 672,706

8 Wagons Train
Points 418,974
polygons 383,570

All parts are offered in separate files for easier workflow, that is Rails, Car A, Car B, 2 cars scene for still renders and the 8 wagon train for animation.

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