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3D модель Характеристики
Код товара:1059582
Геометрия:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapped:Yes
Развернутые уф:Mixed
TurboSquid Член С February 2016
В настоящее время продается 31 товары
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Oct 18, 2017
This is a high quality and very detailed (closeup ready) model of a 12inch Vinyl plus Sleeve and 5mm Spine Cover.

It comes with all the Cinema 4D Octane Materials/Cameras/Lights

The cover and labels of the record come with seperate textures. They are projected flat on to the parts of the model which makes it very easy to replace or mix them with your prefered ones. The Bump maps/diffuse to make the record look realistic are between 8k and 2k and should give enough detail to do closeups.

You will find seperate textures for the following parts of the record:

-Cover_color (coler for the parts of the cover without its own texture)
-Paper (used for the paper texture of the record, labels)

The Images where all rendered in Cinema 4D with the Octane Render Plugin. If you want to achive the same Render quality as in the thumbnails you need to use Octane for Cinema 4D.

Of cours you can do your own materials for other render software packages since all the textures are included.

The Materials were made in Octane version 2.24.2, everything works as well in version 3 but might need some adjustments.


The Model comes with The Cover the sleeve and the record itself. If you just need the 3D Model you can find an Obj or FBX as well.

- The polygon count can be adjusted by reducing/increasing the subdivision level.
- Geometry made of mostly quads/triangles.
- Real-world scale, units in cm.
- Model centered at origin.
- Clean UVs.
- Unique/meaningful names for model parts, materials and textures.

If you are happy with the model feel free to rate it!
Have fun!
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