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Stearman PT-17 Kaydet Военный тренер 3D модель

3ds Max 9  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 6  |  Default Scanline
AutoCAD drawing 15
DXF 15
3D Studio 4
Steaman PT-17 Kaydet V00Matex.rar
3D модель Характеристики
40,752 Полигоны
21,426 вершины
Polygonal Геометрия
UV Mapped
Код товара: 876055
8296 Продукты
С 2002
The PT-17 model was updated Jul 2010 with additional detail, new wings, better textures and more features. PT-17 is built near to scale and includes a detailed radial engine. The model is fully textured and more accurate. The propeller is more detailed and accurate and an instrument panel has been added. The air suction horn and pitot tube have also been added. This model comes in a wide range of formats.

The PT-17 was used in World War II as a basic flight instruction aircraft by nearly all branches of the services. The Stearman was a biplane of simple construction with a radial engine for power. They were relatively inexpensive to build, sturdy and stable. Many hundreds were built and in service before, during and after World War II. After the war many were sold to the surplus aircraft market and came into civilian hands. These were used as flight trainers, patrol aircraft, crop dusters and personal aircraft. Some were modified and used for aerobatics in air shows. Quite a few are still flying and remain a prized possession of those who own them.
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