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Полная фотореалистичная сцена натюрморта 3D модель

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3ds Max 2013  |  V-Ray 3.50.03
3ds Max 2013  |  Corona 1.5
3ds Max 2013  |  Other Octane 3
3D модель Характеристики
3,359,097 Полигоны
2,454,749 вершины
Polygonal Ngons used Геометрия
UV Mapped
Mixed Развернутые уф
Код товара: 1139959
270 Продукты
С 2011
Full photorealistic still-life scene for 3ds Max 2013+, V-Ray, Octane and Corona


All three archives include the full scene and all bitmaps needed for each scene to render.

The number of bitmaps varies between the V-Ray (90), Corona (88) and Octane (81) versions due to slightly different material structures and the use of an optional custom bokeh map in the V-Ray version.

Note that all paths in the V-Ray and Corona versions are local (the scene will only render if the scene file remains in the same folder as the bitmaps) whereas the Octane version includes the original folder structure with relative paths as 3ds Max cannot strip paths included in Octane bitmap nodes.

The assets include: Two cloth objects, milk bottle, flour jar, sugarcubes, ink bottle, dip pen, vintage scissors, labels, quiche, antique pepper mill, chocolate chunks, sieve, metal plate, jam jar, almond sweets in jar, hydrangea bouquet in vase, eucalyptus bouquet in vase, honey jar.

Non renderable assets marked DO NOT DELETE are needed to power two particle systems for the strawberry seeds in the jam and bubbles in the honey.

Objects are grouped logically for easier placement (for example, the eucalyptus bouquet, vase and water mesh are grouped)

All objects are modeled to scale (cm).

The scenes are organised in three layers: Particle Systems, Lights & Cameras, Meshes

All groups, objects and materials are named logically.

All preview renders seen here are raw renders without post-production.

The scene was created in 3ds Max 2016 and saved backwards to 3ds Max 2013 format. All scenes were tested and work without errors in Max 2015.
The renderers used and their versions were / Corona 1.5 (hotfix 2) / V-Ray Advanced 3.50.03 / Octane for Max (3.03.3 - 4.21)
Although the 3ds Max 2016 Physical Camera was replaced in the V-Ray version by the native V-Ray Physical Camera to ensure backward compatibility with earlier Max versions, the scenes are not guaranteed to render the same way in earlier or later versions of these three renderers.

This scene was rendered on a system with Dual Xeons, 32GB of RAM, and a GPU with 12GB of VRAM.
Although the Corona and V-Ray version will likely render fine (albeit slower) on smaller systems, the Octane version may struggle on GPUs with less VRAM due to the heavy geometry and large number and size of the bitmaps. In this case, you may need to downscale the bitmaps.
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