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Серьезная скульптура волка 3D модель

Лицензия на 3D модель: стандарт    Обновление лицензии
Nov 9, 2016
CheckMate Lite Проверенный
3ds Max 2011  |  V-Ray 2.40.03
3D модель Характеристики
496,862 Полигоны
248,443 вершины
Polygonal Tris only Геометрия
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Развернутые уф
Код товара: 1056763
91 Продукты
С 2009
Wolf head sculpture. Asymmetric high polygon 3D model.

Suitable for creations of Physical Form via 3d printing, CNC carving.
High polygon model can be also used for low polygon game ready model making through retopology, texturing, maps baking.
Maybe used for Jewelry design, interiour design, digital visualisation, for the production of illustrations.
Default size - 20cm tall (you can scale it up or down).

Product includes digital 3d model only. MAX, FBX, OBJ and STL (error free) files available.
You can import it into any 3d software. MAX, FBX, OBJ files UV-Unwrapped, non overlapping. No textures used.
The model includes few subobjects: Wolf head, Eyes, Eyelashes.

Product contains 5 options of a Wolf head 3d model with different polycounts, includes STL and OBJ file formats:

wolf-head-sculpture-50 ~ 50000 polygons
wolf-head-sculpture-125 ~ 125000 polygons
wolf-head-sculpture-250 ~ 250000 polygons
wolf-head-sculpture-500 ~ 500000 polygons (default product file, used for images rendering)
wolf-head-sculpture-1M ~ 1 million polygons

OBJ files has the same UV-mapping.
The files packed in ZIP. Preview images done in 3ds Max 2011 + V-Ray 2.40.03.
On the additional pictures you can see how the model looks in 3ds Max viewport.
Thank you! Please take a look at our other animal sculptures: Wolfs, Bears, Boar, Bison, Deers and more...
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