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Пистолет-пулемет MP9 3D модель

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Включенные форматы
Sep 13, 2013
CheckMate Lite Проверенный
3ds Max 2013 Default Scanline
3ds Max 2010 Default Scanline

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3D модель Характеристики
Код товара:767076
Геометрия:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapped:Yes
Развернутые уф:Mixed
TurboSquid Член С January 2009
В настоящее время продается 283 товары
Рейтинг продукта
• MP9 Submachine Gun is a high quality, low poly model
• Modeled in 3ds Max 2013
• Normal map was baked from a high poly model

• Renders are taken from the viewport using a Direct X shader


Low Poly Model (5 Objects):

Weapon consists of separate objects linked in the following hierarchy:

• mp9_body
    • mp9_magazine
    • mp9_stock
    • mp9_suppressor
    • mp9_boltcover

• The suppressor is optional and the stock can be neatly folded and extended.

|| Geometry ||
• 4393 Total Polys
• 7972 Total Triangles
• 4281 Total Verts

• Polygons are all quads or tris, no n-gons
• Parts such as the magazine, suppressor and folding stock can moved or adjusted for animation
• There are 9mm bullets in the magazine
• Model unwrapped manually to make most efficient use of the UV space
• No special plug-ins needed to use this product
• All materials and objects named appropriately
• Renderer is default scanline, no lights or extraneous objects included.
• Object pivot points at logical locations
• Object scaled to approximate real world size (inches)
• Approximate Dimensions: W:27'', L:2'', H:9.6''
• Tested in the UDK (see screenshots)
• .obj and .fbx versions exported from 3ds Max 2013
• 3ds Max 2010 files also available for compatibility

|| Textures ||

4 x 2048 resolution for MP9
    • mp9_diffuse
    • mp9_spec
    • mp9_gloss
    • mp9_normal

• Textures in .tga, and .png formats
• Model texture paths are stripped
• Product includes Photoshop CS6 source files for the textures with named layers and groups. Adjust any aspect of the textures to your needs.
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