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Комплект подземных горных машин 3D модель

3ds Max 9  |  V-Ray 1.5
3ds Max 9  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 9  |  V-Ray 1.5
3D модель Характеристики
1 Полигоны
1 вершины
Polygonal Quads/Tris Геометрия
UV Mapped
Код товара: 710483
1430 Продукты
С 2003
A set of 3 high definition 3d models of mining machines (an Atlas Copco.E3 C Boomer, an underground loader and an underground dump truck)

The level of detail is suitable for the most extreme close-ups.
The geometry is clean, built mostly on quads with no N-gons, no coplanar faces, no coincident or isolated vertices.

Originally modeled in 3ds Max 9, the models were exported to obj and fbx formats. The 3ds Max version comes with both standard and V-Ray materials.

Atlas Copco
Polygons:       443,518
Vertices:       447,512

Underground Loader
Polygons:       346,686
Vertices:       348,111

Underground Dump Truck
Polygons:       387,950
Vertices:       396,442

The models can be converted for free, on request to any format you may need.

*The polygon count is shown for 0 meshmooth iterations.
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