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Инопланетянин в костюме Rigged 3D модель

Лицензия на 3D модель: стандарт    Обновление лицензии
Jan 15, 2015
CheckMate Pro Проверенный
Maya 2015  |  mental ray
3D модель Характеристики
64,424 Полигоны
69,842 вершины
Polygonal Quads only Геометрия
UV Mapped
overlapping Развернутые уф
Код товара: 883277
76 Продукты
С 2011
This model is textured with high resolution (4096 x 4096) textures for color, specular color and normal map. There are lower resolution maps for noise and Vector Displacement. Users of the non native files should be aware that the displacements are vector displacements.

In the folders you will also find bonus textures: an alternative body texture, a cavity map to facilitate the creation of custom color maps and a Vector Displacement file for the body when used without the suit. All te files that are in the version without the suit available on this site can also be found in the ''AlienInSuitMaya'' file

The Alien has 300 corrective blendshapes driven by the joint rotations and custom attributes on control curves. There are also six extra blendshapes that can still be worked with. They can be found in the ''BlendShape_Layer'' display layer.

The Alien has 5 IK-FK switches: Two for the arms, two for the legs and one for the eyes. They are the white circles with the cross in it. To reduce clutter, the view port will show only the FK controls if the switch is set all the way to ''FK'', and only IK controls if the switch is set all the way to ''IK''. Both controls are visible in the intermediate settings. The exception are the IK foot controls, which are visible all the time.

On the AlienControl curve there is a single ''scale'' attribute that allows you to scale the whole rig to whatever size you want.
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