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Анимированные данные о войне в Cyber Command War R 3D модель

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3D модель Характеристики
Код товара:419790
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TurboSquid Член С July 2002
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Cyber warefare command center.

Includes shown detailed full screen data screen radar & other data map animations that can be used see images.

The Internet security company McAfee stated in their 2007 annual report that approximately 120 countries have been developing ways to use the Internet as a weapon and the targets are financial markets, government computer systems and utilities.

In activities reminiscent of the Cold War, which caused countries to engage in clandestine activities, intelligence agencies are routinely testing networks looking for weaknesses. These techniques for probing weaknesses in the internet and global networks are growing more sophisticated every year. [3]

Jeff Green the senior vice president of McAfee Avert Labs was quoted as saying 'Cybercrime is now a global issue. It has evolved significantly and is no longer just a threat to industry and individuals but increasingly to national security.' They predicted that future attacks will be even more sophisticated. 'Attacks have progressed from initial curiosity probes to well-funded and well-organized operations for political, military, economic and technical espionage,' [4]

The report from McAfee says that China is at the forefront of the cyber war. China has been accused of cyber-attacks on India and Germany and the United States. China denies knowledge of these attacks. Arguments have been expressed regarding Chinas involvement indicating, in the methods of computer Hackers who use zombie computers, it only indicates that China has the most amount of computers that are vulnerable to be controlled. [5]

In April 2007, Estonia came under cyber-attack in the wake of relocation of the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn. Estonian authorities, including Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet accused the Kremlin of direct involvement in the cyberattacks [6]. Estonia's defense minister later admitted he had no evidence linking cyber attacks to Russian authorities [7].
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