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Институт арабского мира 3D модель

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TurboSquid Член С May 2004
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'The Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) or Arab World Institute, in English, was established in 1980 in Paris, when 18 Arab countries concluded an agreement with France to establish the Institute to disseminate information about the Arab world and set in motion detailed research to cover Arabic and the Arab world's cultural and spiritual values.' From Wikipedia.

This building has function as museum, library, and also culture centre.

The most interesting windows are those of the IMA south facade. The size and shape of the crystals is exactly like the facade of the north, but in this case, each glass square has a number of photoelectric cells similar to a camera lens that open outside receive less light and vice versa. In each window there is a central photodetector larger than the rest, and smaller, of two different sizes, geometrically arranged in the glass. The opening and closing of these elements gives rise to a shape very similar to those found in the decoration of Arab buildings and was very well received by the Arab owners of the institute.

Built with technology that mimics human eye movement and Islamic Architecture utilizes 30,000 mechanical eyes to literally keep the building cool.

State of the art high-tech walls built with mechanical apertures that respond to sunlight by narrowing to reduce
solar exposure or dilating to allow daylight to enter the interior (like the human eye)

Although for Arab center, this building is not design in Arab Architecture, it is modern architecture. Certain
symbolic items, like the “moucharabiehs” whose polygons of varying shapes and sizes create a geometric effect recalling the Alhambra

All south facade items have been grouped.
You have to use min. 4gb RAM for render with vray in 3ds MAX 2009.
The Arab World Institute vray.max (ready to render)
The Arab World Institute scanline.max (only geometry)
-sample profile rendering scanline.max (part of the south facade that seperated for render)
The Arab World Institute.dwg (main file)
The Arab World Institute facade.dwg (xref for south facade)
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