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BR-52 Kriegslok Паровоз 3D модель

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Код товара:868042
UV Mapped:No
Развернутые уф:No
TurboSquid Член С September 2013
В настоящее время продается 23 товары
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Scale model of a German locomotive from World War II, complete with realistic piping, valve gear and crew cabin controls! Known as DRB Class 52 Kriegslokomotive or simply BR-52.

This model was built using blueprints and many personal photos! Max model is appropriately divided into multiple objects (and several groups containing these objects).

There are over 100 different objects, all named and separated (eg: Frame, Boiler, Cabin, Brake Piping, Tender Truck, etc.) I forgot to adjust the pivots on some of these objects, but centering the pivot point will fix this for most cab valves and levers. Most of the valves and levers in the cabin are separate objects, and all of them are correctly labelled. Valve gear (wheel driving mechanism) is also separate and can be animated.

Scene contains a dozen materials or so. Note that the locomotive is NOT texture mapped! The tracks are mapped, and the textures are provided and can be linked with the railway tracks. The locomotive is made out of materials only!

This model contains many n-gons in an effort to lower the final poly-count. It is NOT a model you would want to subdivide! The geometry is clean - no polygons inside model, no flipped normals, no overlapping vertices, no missing polygons! Clean render from ANY angle!

Final Notes: The two optional track textures are in the rar file. I also included two background images that I used in the color renders! Lights are set up, and you must only link the background photo before rendering in Mental Ray.

3DS model does not contain textures/materials. SKP model contains materials. Not suitable for games or 3D printing.
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