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A-4 Skyhawk США Attak Самолет Модель 46K 3D модель

от Petr005
3ds Max 2013  |  Default Scanline 0
3D Studio 0
FBX 2006
Other 0
UVW Template, All aircraft parts layedout on singl
3D модель Характеристики
52,904 Полигоны
28,367 вершины
Polygonal Quads/Tris Геометрия
UV Mapped
overlapping Развернутые уф
Код товара: 852002
177 Продукты
С 2003
This model designed with games in mind on 4K screens, with nce and smooth siluete and clean geometry with emphasis made on details and efficensy for realtime at the same time.

46K triangles for the model without weapons, 52K tris with weapons. 26K in Qads total.

Geometry Mainly Quads with some triangles.

All main parts are seporate objects named accordingly. Pivots set up for easy animation with rotation.
All parts grouped to fuselage as children.

Model have UVW coordinates, all outer surfaces are non ovelaping for unique camo/details schemes. Ianding gear, internal parts of wings and airbrake itenals are mirrored UVWs also some parts of cockpit, the main instruments panel UVWs are non overlaping.

The model have basic cockpit and seporate canopy.
Landing gear have basic retraction animation.

Please take a look at my other models there is over 100 of simular military items the i have create and more and much more is on its way.

If you have any questions or queries please use TS support ticket system.
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