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Ванна 01 3D модель

от Flytet
3D Studio
3D модель Характеристики
8,101 Полигоны
8,393 вершины
Polygonal Геометрия
Код товара: 997806
3 Продукты
С 2016
Free once again! :D And this time, the model will always be free.
Sometimes I make decision to update my models becouse I get better experience everyday I work.
But I will no more take any cash for this model.
Not even if I updating it.

2018-01-18 Updating description.
This model got downloaded 25000 times and I would be happy if you rate this model, if you like it. :)

2016-09-08 UPDATE Info:
Optimized Polygons - from 30750 to 8101 and still got the same quality or even better in subdivision '0' mode!
Fixed some double vertex discovered.
General optimization in the rule of Typology.
The bathtube-foot has been changed.
Less seperated objects.
Fixed some unseen glitches.
Removed some unnecessary objects.
Unity Tested

General information:
This is a Bath with Colors and Glossy effects for the Shiny outfit.
The colors should be put in place automatically when adding it to your program or game.
But ofcource it depends on the engine you are using.
Otherwise I have named every color on each Material in the files and what kind of effect it should have.

Subdivision: 0 = 8.393 verts & 8.101 Polygons.
Subdivision: 1 = 32.958 verts & 32.880 Polygons.

Please leave a like if you enjoy.
I guarantee that there will be more!

Kind regards
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