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Черный гроб 3D модель

от toddd3d
Лицензия на 3D модель: стандарт    Обновление лицензии
3ds Max 2012  |  V-Ray 3.10.02
3D модель Характеристики
20,684 Полигоны
12,067 вершины
Polygonal Геометрия
UV Mapped
Mixed Развернутые уф
Код товара: 933674
148 Продукты
С 2007
This Coffin model has a creepy vibe, but with a couple of minor tweaks to material could easily be more conventional. Poly-Modeled, handles have some subdivisions applied, but they aren't necessary if you want to conserve polygons. 3dsMax file contains vray material and subdivisions.

OBJ and FBX would simply require dividing the hardware and applying materials and provided texture to look great in your application of choice.

Max users unhide all objects if all parts are not visible.
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