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Instructions on how to rig your own bee leg.

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3D модель Характеристики
Код товара:525981
UV Mapped:Yes
Развернутые уф:Unknown
TurboSquid Член С March 2010
В настоящее время продается 11 товары
Рейтинг продукта
This is a bee model has been kept low poly and does not use any plugins or fur.
Putting many instances of this bee into a scene will hardly slow interaction or a render.

This bee has been rigged for a high degree of control over its animation.
Attributes on the thorax (middle section) give a high degree of control of the wing flapping via MEL expressions so you don't have to animate wing flapping by hand. Instead, attributes on the thorax such as wing freq, spread, amplitude, bite, etc. abstract this task.
Attributes on the thorax can also control the oscillation on the bee's hair so you can easily make it look like the hair is being affected by wind. This effect slightly visible in the turnaround video.

Controllers are set up for each leg so that placing and holding a foot is still possible despite the double IK required to place it. In other words, not including the furry tips on the foot, each leg has 5 points of articulation which can be intuitively animated via a single control + pole vector locator. Furthermore, each end of the foot can be curled in x and y via attributes.

The abdomen (striped butt part) can twist, bend in x and y, contract, and expand. The stinger is also animatable.
Each of the 3 proboscis on the face can be animated independently. The antennas can also be animated.

The bee includes a color map, specular mask, transparency mask, and bump map all at 1024 x 1024 resolution.

A render cam with depth of field locator is included.
The glow level of the bee materials is controlled with the ramp in the material network.

Although this bee is low poly, as it is, it is designed for pre-rendered use.
It can be converted for real time use in maybe 1-2 days work.

Below is a link to the renders in high resolution so you can get an idea of how close you can get to the bee before it begins to break down. Also there is a short turntable of the bee. NOTE: the flower in the .mov is not included with this bee.
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