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Ножничный подъемник 3D модель

Лицензия на 3D модель: стандарт    Обновление лицензии
3ds Max 2013  |  V-Ray 2.20.01
3ds Max 2012  |  V-Ray 2.20.01
3ds Max 2011  |  V-Ray 2.20.01
3ds Max 2010  |  V-Ray 2.20.01
3D Studio
Другие файлы
yellow scissor lift materials and textrues.zip
3D модель Характеристики
19,688 Полигоны
21,104 вершины
Polygonal Quads/Tris Геометрия
UV Mapped
Mixed Развернутые уф
Код товара: 697959
49 Продукты
С 2012
This scissor lift makes a perfect addition to any industrial scene. It stands up to close up scrutiny with regards to detail and photo-realism.

The model is also fully rigged enabling you to adjust the height that the lift rises to. This is all adjustable on a helper contained within the 3ds Max file. Simply select the helper, go to the modify panel and adjust the slider. Easy as that!

It is made 99% from quads and is unwrapped for your ease.

We have also included high resolution tiff images and even included the VRay Material files so nothing is missing.

We have also included the model with different file formats so that you can utilise the model in different pieces of software. These formats include 3ds Max, Obj, 3ds, and Fbx.
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