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Rigged and Animated Horse (V2) Клайдсдейл 3D модель

Лицензия на 3D модель: стандарт    Обновление лицензии
Sep 25, 2015
CheckMate Pro Проверенный
Cinema 4D 16  |  Advanced Render 16
3D модель Характеристики
15,316 Полигоны
16,287 вершины
Polygonal Quads/Tris Геометрия
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Развернутые уф
Код товара: 953668
70 Продукты
С 2001
This is a 3D-model of a realistic Clydesdale-Horse built to real world scale. It is fully rigged and comes with a complete set of animated gait-loops and some additional animations. In the Download-Section you can find a 44 second Preview-movie and the User-Guide-PDF.

Clydesdales were originally bred in Scotland as work and war-horses. Today they are well known as draft-horses for a famous American brewery. They are very, very big! If you should need a smaller horse, there is a tutorial on scaling the model with its rig and Motion-Sources in the User-Guide-PDF.

The model was built, textured and rigged with Cinema4D-Studio Release 16.

This original horse rig has been totally rebuilt (V2) and is now equipped with AUTOMATIC BREATHING and AUTOMATIC EYE-BLINKING controlled via User-Data of the Master-Object. Here you can also control the visibility of VIEWPORT SELECTORS and Hair-Objects.

The rig is designed for ease of use, even for beginning animators. There are only 9 controllers: Body-Mover, Head-Controller, Tail-Controller, one controller for each hoof, Front-Rotation and Rear-Rotation. All the fine-tuning as well as ear, eye and jaw movement is achieved via sliders in the user-data of these controllers.

The names of all objects have the prefix 'CLY-' so you can easily identify them in your scene.

Taking full advantage of the NLA (non-linear animation System), you can make complex animations by combining the ready-made animation-loops and poses listed below and refine the result with small adjustments on superimposed animation layers.

The following ready-made animations are included as 'Motion-Sources':

CLY-BindingPose (Standing Still)
CLY-StopFromGallop (Sliding Stop)
CLY-StandToWalk (Transition)
CLY-HeadUp (Head moving up from feeding)
CLY-HeadDown (Head moving down to feed)

The model is 243.167 cm high (1unit = 1cm),
88.651 cm wide and 295.401 cm long.
Floor to withers is 185 cm = 72,834 inches = about 18 hands high.

The model is polygonal, subdividable and highly detailed to be usable in closeups.

Total Polygons: 15316 (all Quads). Total Vertices: 16287

The model consist of of 45 separate objects:

1 x Clydesdale (2881 Vertices, 2856 Polygons)
4 x Horseshoes (736 Vertices, 754 Polygons)
4 x Nails (400 Vertices, 330 Polygons)
2 x Corneas (137 Vertices, 128 Polygons)
2 x Sclera (96 Vertices, 80 Polygons)
2 x Iris (144 Vertices,128 Polygons)
2 x Pupil (153 Vertices,144 Polygons)
2 x IrisRing (89 Vertices, 80 Polygons)
6 x UpperFrontTeeth (49 Vertices, 44 Polygons)
6 x UpperBackTeeth (490 Vertices, 448 Polygons)
1 x UpperGums (507 Vertices, 480 Polygons)
6 x LowerFrontTeeth (49 Vertices, 44 Polygons)
6 x LowerBackTeeth (490 Vertices, 448 Polygons)
1 x Tongue (98 Vertices, 96 Polygons)
1 x Lower Gums (551 Vertices, 524 Polygons)

The model was created with CINEMA 4D-Studio Release 16 and needs the Hair Render to render exactly like the thumbnails where Hair Render and Ambient Occlusion were used. Renders made with other applications or earlier versions of C4D or will look slightly differently since there was no 'Reflectance'-channel prior to R16.

The asset contains three project files and all texture-maps.
For additional information see the last 4 thumbnails please.

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