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Представленная Мужская Рука 3D модель

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Dec 19, 2014
CheckMate Pro Проверенный
Cinema 4D 16 Advanced Render 16
Collada 1.5
FBX 7.4

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3D модель Характеристики
Код товара:868819
Геометрия:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapped:Yes
Развернутые уф:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Член С September 2001
В настоящее время продается 69 товары
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Jun 18, 2015
Realistic hand with many poses, helpful for me to create a CGI with Cinema 4D
Jul 19, 2019
I tried opening the product in a trial version of C4D studio, and everything worked as advertised. However the obj, fbx, and dae versions all have issues. First, the export puts them all as one object. C4D, unlike most 3D programs, puts environment maps on a spherical sky, so the dae, fbx, and obj will all look like one big sphere when one opens them. (it is best not to include the sky in C4D exports). There are some geometry issues, but they are easy to fix.
This is a 3D-model of a right hand with lower arm (caucasian male) built to real-world-scale (1unit = 1cm).

The model is polygonal, subdividable and highly detailed to be usable in close-ups.

The model consist of of 10 separate hand-objects, each with a different pose of the hand. The first pose (spread) has straightened fingers and is ideal for rigging.
Each hand-object is equipped with a separate fingernail-model.
The model was created with CINEMA4D Release16 Studio and needs the 'Advanced Render' Module to render exactly like the thumbnails (GI, Ambient Occlusion and Subsurface Scattering were used). It also works with earlier Versions (R14 an R15 have been tested). Renders made with C4D Prime or other applications will look slightly differently.

Each of the 10 Hand-Models consists of 2 objects:

1: Male Hand: 866 Vertices, 863 Polygons (858 Quads / 5 Tris)

2: Male Hand Fingernails: 150 Vertices,140 Polygons (all Quads)


All Objects are UV-Mapped (non overlapping) and use these included textures:

Posed Male Hand_Color.jpg (4096 x 4096 pixels)
Posed Male Hand_Bump.jpg (4096 x 4096 pixels)
Posed Male Hand_Normals.jpg (4096 x 4096 pixels)

The zip-file contains 10 Hand-models with nails as well as the texture maps.

The C4D version also contains the scenes (cameras and lights and a HDRI-Image) used to make the thumbnails.

The non-C4D versions have been converted from the original C4D file. The geometry and UVs are transported correctly with the conversion but materials will have to be tweeked and textures may have to be applied manually.
The Luminance-Channel may have to be turned off.

Thumbnail-images are rendered with CINEMA 4D Release16 Studio. Global-Illumination, Ambient Occlusion and Subsurface-Scattering (in the Luminance Channel) are used.
No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed.
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