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Огонь для камина 3D модель

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Лицензия на 3D модель: стандарт    Обновление лицензии
Sep 18, 2012
CheckMate Pro Проверенный
3ds Max 2012  |  V-Ray 2.0
3ds Max 2012  |  V-Ray 2.0
3D модель Характеристики
39,689 Полигоны
40,788 вершины
Polygonal Quads/Tris Геометрия
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Развернутые уф
Код товара: 687797
9 Продукты
С 2004
Highly detailed realistic model of fireplace insert, including models of flame, firewood, coal, furnace, and materials of ash and soot painted on the inside of the firebox. Can be used with many types of fireplaces to give a finished and picturesque look of any image with fireplace. For your convenience there are 3 sliders in the scene, with which you can easily adjust brightness of flame and hot parts of coal, without digging in the deeps of materials (see one of thumbnails for description)

one texture with resolution 465x481, other textures with resolution from 1564x1600 to 3072x2304
This model includ models of flame, firewood, coal, furnace as you can see on turntable.

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