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барабанная установка 7шт Blueflames 3D модель

3ds Max 9.0
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3D модель Характеристики
3,165,326 Полигоны
1,939,995 вершины
Polygonal Геометрия
Unknown Развернутые уф
Код товара: 476399
93 Продукты
С 2002
Extremely high detail, physically accurate, fully 'operational' model of a Trick 7-pc. Cymbals are Zildjian A custom (maps included), heads Remo (maps included). All heads are uv-mapped so you can use any texture. 'Operational' in that there are sliders for the kick pedals, hihat & throne, and point helpers for the cymbals. Helpers also control the position of the tom/cymbal assemblies, as well as the floor toms, making it very easy to set up animations for things such as 'animusic.' Basically, if there exists a moving part (for animating playing), there is an animation control set up for it (see pedals_movement.mov below). It would also be quite simple to clone toms/assemblies/stands to expand the kit. The linked hierarchies are all named/linked appropriately to accomplish this.

The file and materials are designed to be used with mental ray; the drum shells are mapped and ready for the included flame textures. The blue flames bitmaps are already sized & named for their appropriate shells; 3 other (square) sample maps are included in the 'drum_kit_7pc_blueflames_mat.ZIP' file to get you started on some other designs if desired, or they can be u-tiled appropriately (see the preview files).

In the previews, the kit is in a simple room, walls, floor, ceiling, 3 point lights, rendered with final gather, GI and shadows (MR). The polygon count is high, but one cound render this model at a distance of 1 foot and it wouldn't matter. In the thumbnails & previews, samples per pixel was set to between 4 & 16. For convenience, the final gather & photon map files used in these renderings are provided as accomanying products, if you so choose to use the lighting in the max file.

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