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Curtiss JN-2 Jenny V06 Летающий цирк 3D модель

Lightwave 6
AutoCAD drawing
3D Studio 4
materials and textures
3D модель Характеристики
259,102 Полигоны
130,347 вершины
Polygonal Геометрия
UV Mapped
Код товара: 866798
8296 Продукты
С 2002
This is high poly count model built near to scale and is accurate from the pictures and references of the period. Model is fully textured in some very good detail in a cockpit.
It includes animated propeller and animateable control surfaces. Model is fully textured and comes in several different formats.
The Curtiss Jenny was designed and produced at the end of World War I. Although it never saw active service in Europe during the war, it was used primarily as a trainer for American Expeditionary Force Pilots during the war and American Army Signal Corps Pilots after the war. It was used in Air Mail and after the Army phased out the Curtiss
for newer aircraft in the mid and late 1920s, these aircraft were sold as surplus to the civilian population.

Many were purchased by companies trying to get US Air Mail contracts and young pilots that wanted to become famous professional stunt pilots.
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