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Кольт 1911 Модель 70 Марк IV 3D модель

Aug 18, 2011
CheckMate Lite Проверенный
3ds Max 2011  |  mental ray
3D Studio
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С 2005
3d model of automatic pistol Colt 1911 Model 70 Mark IV. Photo-realistic model of an automatic pistol. It is prepared for animation of dismantlement and assembly of the weapon. It is executed with high quality and can be used for animation with use of close ups and details. max
ATTENTION!!! The model is executed with high quality, but it can be used only for animation. Not an engineering copy, in a design some changes and some details are made it are absent. On this model not probably to make the present weapon, but it is possible to make effective animation for your film.

In particular this scene contains animation of a platoon of a shutter of a frame.


Hope you like it!
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