Flatiron from 3d-io

Flatiron is a complete texture baking plug-in for 3ds Max which handles multiple objects at once and delivers stunning results in seconds. It produces high quality UV maps using the proven Unwrella Technology and can speed up your scene baking workflow and improve the texturing quality immensely.

Unwrella 2.0 from 3d-io

Unwrella is an exact unwrapping plug-in that employs a single-click solution to unfold your geometry while preserving optimal pixel to surface aspect ratio, meaning your texturing will be sharper and more precise than ever before. Excellent for all kinds of models.

UV Packer from 3d-io

UV-Packer is a fast and exact UV Utility for every CG artist’s 3D-Toolbox! Based on Unwrella’s superb unwrapping technology, UV-Packer takes all your UV Parts, calculates their sizes and proportions and distributes them in the most optimal way on the UV panel. Forget manual moving of UVs, this tool does it in seconds.