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Aplicativo host:3ds max
Host Version:2010-2018
Sistema operacional:Windows
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Materializer (materials equalizer) is the fastest way to create materials mixing different templates. It works like equalizer but for materials!
Example: To make glossy wood press the 'Wood' button and then add a little bit of plastic.

Every time you hit 'Set' selected material will be updated without removing of maps.

Currently only V-RAY supported.
Plugin works both with Compact and Slate material editor


1) Copy 'Materializer.mcr' and 'materializer_plugin.mse' to 'C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2011 - 64bit(or your version)\enu\UI\usermacros\'
2) Start 3D max. Go to 'Customize' menu, and select 'Customize user interface'
3) In window that will open, select tab 'Toolbars'
4) Under 'Category' drop down menu, find 'Crea3D' to open list of my scripts. There find script you want to use, and drag-and-drop it from list to somewhere on your UI (on some of existing toolbars)
- if you like, you can use options on right side of this window, to create new toolbar (Click on 'New') and put this scripts in that toolbar.
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