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Maxscript Protector

por Crea3D
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ID do produto:1246058
Aplicativo host:3ds max
Host Version:2010-2018
Sistema operacional:Windows
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Feb 16, 2018
Hello I wrong click refund, request to recover downloads.
Sep 8, 2018
The size of the encrypted MS file becomes very large, and the speed of opening is obviously slowed down. Is there a solution?
Sep 25, 2018
Is there a way to access the script''s function so we could use it in a batch processe. Like we would do with
        for obj in scripts do
                encryptScript obj
Standard mse encryption in 3DS Max is not safe. There are decryption programs in the internet. We offer a new reliable technology of encryption so no one have a chance to access your source code. Maxscript protector is very easy to use and high performance. It doesn't slow down your code. It supports 3DS Max 2010 and higher. Users doesn't need additional software or libraries. Protect your maxscript from hacks. Don't let anyone to steal your intellectual property!

This year Maxscript Protector was completly rewritten using latest technologies to make reliable protection for your scripts.
It contains 5-step intellectual protection:
1) Multilayered obfuscation of all resources
2) Recursive packing
3) False trail system
4) Runtime analyser
5) Double interpretation

Instruction icluded.


Q: Does user need extra tools or libraries installed to run encrypted scripts?
A: No extra tools required. User runs your script as an ordinary mse.

Q: Does the plugin require administrator privileges?
A: No. Both Maxscript protector and encrypted scripts don't require administrator privileges.

Q: Is this tool just an obfuscator or is it only an mse encryptor?
A: No. This tool is much more than an obfuscator. It totally packs your script into encrypted environment so no one can decrypt it as ordinary mse and get the source code.
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