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ID do produto:1022455
Categoria:Import/Export Filter
Aplicativo host:Other ( See Notes )
Host Version:UnrealEd 4.10
Sistema operacional:Multiple ( See Notes )
TurboSquid Membro desde October 2012
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Search for fbx+ on YouTube (Turbo Squid doesn't allow links in their descriptions!)


* FBX+ is intregated into the standard FBX importing system in the UnrealEd, options for FBX+ will appear within the import panel.

* No Engine code modification is required.

* OSX and Windows.

* The user properties are imported as a structure and can be assigned to an existing Blueprint or as a standalone piece of content.

* Currently supported variables: float, boolean, int, string, vector, vector2 and linear colour.

* All user properties / attributes are converted into variables.

* Works with user properties from 3DS Max, Maya and Blender.

* Variables can also be created from the 3DS Max text based user properties by using '=' and or ':' assignment.

Coming soon:

* Support for importing of cameras.

* Support for importing of splines and shapes.

* Additional 3DS Max plugin for extra data e.g. animation note tracks, parameter animations.

Researching features:

* Support for bone attachments as sockets.
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