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espada Modelo 3D

por xaphod
Licença isenta de direitos
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Licença isenta de direitos
- Todos os usos estendidos
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3D Modelo Especificações
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TurboSquid Membro desde January 2003
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This is a photorealistic model of a scimitar style oriental sword; it was modelled from life, from a weapon a friend of mine brought back from China.
It's a nice weapon, good to swish around, and would be good to use as a pleasant change to the more common katana in an oriental animation.
On the front of the scabbard, as can be seen in the pictures, there is a picture of a Chinese dragon.
The scabbard has some form of ancient Chinese script on the reverse side (I am unsure as to what it says, but it has been copied from the real weapon).
The blade also has this same writing acid-etched onto it near to the hilt.

The sword and scabbard are all made up from seperate objects collected together in groups. This will make it easier to alter the seperate elements of the weapon or scabbard.

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