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sputnik-2 Modelo 3D

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Blender 2.79  |  Cycles Render
3D Modelo Especificações
133,832 Polígonos
141,307 Vértices
Polygonal Geometria
ID do produto: 1338502
53 Produtos
Desde 2016

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Sputnik 2 was the second spacecraft launched into Earth orbit, on 3 November 1957, and the first to carry a living animal a female dog named 'Laika'. this model is part of sputnik 1 model i created earlier to complete it because i'm quite sure the r-7 configuration is similar to earlier model so if you want to you can check my sputnik-1 model complete with the rocket and should fit with this one

Please Read before purchasing :

The texture are packed in native format .Blend file it done semi procedural with tileable image texture the other format comes with basic material without texture so if you want the same exact result as preview the best way is using blender 3d
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