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Gorila Rigged Modelo 3D

Sep 22, 2021
CheckMate Pro Certificado
Maya 2018  |  V-Ray 3.6
Maya 2018  |  Arnold
XGen texture files
Bonus Texd
3D Modelo Especificações
372,736 Polígonos
375,477 Vértices
Polygonal Quads only Geometria
Mapeado por UV
non-overlapping UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 1752118
76 Produtos
Desde 2011

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A realistic model of a Lowland Gorilla that is fully rigged in Maya 2018. The deformations are enhanced with 79 muscle objects and 326 blenshapes for realistic deformations and jiggle. No plugins are required. You can choose between Vray and Arnold for rendering.

The Gorilla has been set up in centimeters, and has a length of 166 cm, a depth of62 cm and a width of 124 cm. However, if you want to use it at a different scale, or if you want to make a King Kong movie, you can do that with a single Scale attribute on the MasterControl curve. Some adjustments on the fur expressions are required after scaling. See the manual for details. The Gorilla render geometry consists of the following parts:

Skin (including gums and tongue)): 55312 quads.

Upper teeth: 13334 quads.

Lower teeth: 15210 quads.

2 Inner eyes: 960 quads.

2 pupils: 8 quads..

1 Outer eye geometry: 258 quads.

In the scenes folder you will find 3subfolders holding the gorilla with different levels of detail. The Low Res one should be imported as a reference for posing and animation. It does not have the muscle deformers, but it will give real time playback. Once the posing and/ or animation is done, you can replace the referenced file with the Mid Res file. This one has the muscle deformers and better deformations. It is still quite responsive. Playback is slower though. It does have the render body and shaders for test renderings. The High Res file is the one with the XGen hair, and is quite sluggish. It should only be used for rendering.

The hair has been done with 3 XGen hair descriptions, and the body hair is driven through dynamic Maya nHair curves. The fur is attached to a copy of the body with 2 subdivisions and a texture deformer on it to make the hair line up with the displacement on the render body.

All geometry is laid out in non-overlapping UV shells. For efficiency, some files have combined channels that drive different attributes in the shader. A separate folder is available with those channels as separate RGB images. The files are:

-Diffuse Color: 8192 x x8192 jpg.

-Displacement, Gloss and Specular amount cobined: a 16 bit 8192 x 8182 tif image

-Displacement and specular color for the outer eyes: a 16 bit 2048 x 2048 tif image

The finest details in the 8K texture files were created with skin scans that were scaled DOWN. This ensures that the texture files are 100% pixel sharp all over the body, thus allowing the camera to get quite close. There are also two bonus textures for a cleaner skin if the client prefers this.

The hair is textured with Ptex files that were derived from two 4096 x 4096 jpg files that are included in a seperate folder. The hair modiffiers are mapped with Ptex files that are derived from jpg files that are also in that folder.

The walk animation that can be viewed in the promotional downloads section is included.

For more information, please download the manual for free.

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