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Colecção Oak Tree Modelo 3D

Licença de modelo 3D: Padrão    Licença de atualização
3ds Max 2009  |  V-Ray 1.5
3ds Max 2009  |  Maxwell 2.5.1
Other 2.5.1
3D Modelo Especificações
0 Polígonos
0 Vértices
Polygonal Geometria
Mapeado por UV
Mixed UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 633246
368 Produtos
Desde 2009

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Collection of 12 highly realistic oak trees.
Complete with all shaders and textures for both Vray and Maxwell. An OBJ and MXS download is included as well.

The leaves are opactiy/clipmapped, leaves and trunk are in addition normal mapped.
The Vray version uses the 2sided material for the leaves the Maxwell version employs single sided scattering. The leaves in the Vray version does also carry different textures for the leaves top and bottom side.
Polycount ranges between 1MPoly for the smaller trees up to 2.8MPoly for the largest ones. Large Branches and textures flow naturally into the trunk without ugly joints.

Custom bark and leaf textures derived from photgraphs, no random or generic textures.

3 different types of leaves with each top, bottom, alpha and normalmap in 1024*1024px.

2 different types of bark with corresponding normalmap in 2600*4096px.

Note: The Collection image shows the trees in the Maxwell version, all other thumbnails are rendered in Vray. No postwork was done on the renderings, all settings at default. 3dsmax was set to a linear workflow with a Gamma of 2.0 set in the preferences (important for Vray).
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