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3D Modelo Especificações
ID do produto:1059818
Geometria:Polygonal Quads only
Mapeado por UV:Yes
UVs não enrolados:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro desde September 2013
Atualmente vende 73 produtos
Classificação do produto
1 Avaliação submetida
All preview renders were rendered in Modo 701 using default Modo renderer. Beauty and ambient occlusion renders were made at subdivision level 5 (if not stated otherwise in image comments), using vector displacement maps to displace subdivided geometry. Renders utilize custom shader and material setup.

Unsubdivided (subdivision level 0) geometry beauty renders use color, specular, normal maps.
Subdivided geometry beauty renders use color, specular, vector displacement maps.



Geometry provided is low poly mesh. Mesh is subdividable up to its original sculpt level of 6 to accurately reveal all tiny details of displacement map.

Model is designed to provide optimal detail/performance level you need. Not only high detail close-up renders are possible, but lower subdivision level/not subdivided mesh can also be used in game environments.

Geometry centered on the origin.
Real world scale.
Polygonal quads only.
No poles with more than 5 edges.

Units: centimeters
Displacement distance (useful in other software packages): 2.0 cm
UVs: linear



Textures are photorealistic (32 bit per channel EXR) images, created from real object capture data. Keeping in mind that this is a large tree and in order to preserve visual quality color texture is 16384x16384 px. You can always resize it to suit your needs. All other textures are 8192x8192.

Each model UV's were created and inspected according to its specific surface characteristic. This enables to find the optimal balance of maximum texture space allocation, intuitive layout, easy further 2d texture editing possibilities and minimal texture distortion.

Textures are designed to fit linear UVs (no internal smoothing, locked UV borders) to avoid UV smoothing errors. Geometry of evenly sized quads guarantees low linear UV texture distortion when subdivided.

In order to get a most precise representation of original object use of the vector displacement map instead of regular displacement is recommended.

Textures included:

Vector displacement



Download scene files and textures. Due to its large size and upload file size restrictions textures are in separate multiple archives.
Withered_tree_hide object 16k color texture is split into three part .zip archive, so you need all three parts in the same folder to extract. Its likely that the zip utility that is built into OS cannot unzip split archives. Archive was created using 7z program. If you are under Windows I recommend using 7z to extract. Also, there are free archivers available for other OS: OS X - Keka file archiver, Linux - p7zip utility. To extract - open Withered_tree_hide_color_32bpc_16k_texture.zip.001 file with archiver program.

For *.lxo - if downloaded textures are placed in the same folder with scene file - textures will load automatically with the scene.

For *.obj - load *.obj in your favourite 3d application and apply downloaded textures.


No third-party plug-ins used.
Scene created in Modo 701.


Feel free to leave your feedback. It should help me to better know your needs and actual product reception. My goal is to provide high quality models and constantly improve various aspects of them. Thank you!
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