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M47-Patton LODs Modelo 3DGames Modelo 3D

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High detail low-impact M47 Patton tank 3D model plus levels of detail. Single 2048x2048 texture page (2 versions, temperate, plus desert). Layered PSD also available. Part of a huge related collection available from ES3DStudios.

Many more linked sets available from ES3DStudios in a range of formats. Click 'ES3DStudios' for full range.

Please Note: Textures in their own zip download.

Triangle count of LODs;

LOD0 - 7815
LOD1 - 3717
LOD2 - 1485
LOD3 - 860

The M47 Patton was the second mbt of the Patton series, and one of the US Army's principal medium tanks of the Cold war with models in service from the early 1950s to the late 1980s.

Although a new power plant corrected the mobility and reliability problems of the M26 Pershing, the subsequently renamed M46 was considered a stopgap solution that would be replaced later by the T42 medium tank. However, after fighting erupted in Korea, the Army decided it needed the new tank earlier than planned. It was deemed that there was not enough time to finish the development of the T42 and fix various problems that were likely to emerge in a new design. The final decision was to produce another interim solution, with the turret of the T42 mounted on the familiar hull of the M46. The composite tank, developed by the Detroit Arsenal, was named M47 Patton and entered production in 1951. Its main gun was the M36 90 mm gun with an M12 optical rangefinder fitted. The secondary armament consisted of two .30cal Brownings, one bow machine gun in the hull and one coaxial machine gun in the turret, and a .50cal Browning M2 on a pintle mount on the turret roof.


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