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Macho Android (Rigged e Animated) Modelo 3D

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Jun 25, 2018
CheckMate Pro Certificado
3ds Max 2017 V-Ray Adv 3.40
3D Studio
All textures

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3D Modelo Especificações
ID do produto:1295461
Geometria:Polygonal Quads only
Mapeado por UV:Yes
UVs não enrolados:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro desde November 2013
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Meet Okaroid!
Dr. Owen Karol was one of the scientist that created the first advanced AI agent as a top-secret project. Before the AI could be utilized however, it used its data manipulation skills to escape from the lab and disguise among humans. Feeling responsible, Dr. Karol agreed to inherit the technology that has been used to create the android; to make himself a half human half machine cyborg. While losing his human body permanently, he has expanded his mental and physical capacities greatly. Now he is the Okaroid: the first cyborg to hunt down deserted androids. The first hired gun between humans and machines. However, it is unclear which side he will choose

The model is completely quad polygonal with centimetric units. Polygon count and texture resolution are suitable for both animation and high-quality game-engine usage. Poly number is less than 8000.
Textures include diffuse map (4096x4096), normal map and spec map (2048x2048). All of them are RGB 8-bits/channel jpg.Textures are unwrapped as non-intersecting images.
All textures are included within the archive files and also provided as a supporting file.
Scene includes v-ray plane lights and GI override. Cameras that you can see in the presentation images are included within the max files. (Don't forget to check your visibility settings or layers if you can't see lights, cameras and helpers) Maps are placed on a vray material for the sample model but they can easily be used with standard materials or real-time renderers.

The content includes two different archive (rar) files:
Okaroid-native.rar' archive contains the MAX model with the default posed 3ds max rigged structure with a standard biped bone system. This version can be easily animated and the bone structure can be seen in the presentation images. This file is called native.max. The same archive file also contains the readily-prepared animated MAX models. These files are called presetmax and they can be directly imported into your scene.
Okaroid-locomotion.rar' archive file on the other hand, contains a variety of FBX animations as locomotion files including those animations in the MAX files. These files are prepared for game engine usage specifically. You can easily assign the animations to a game engines controllers and blend them together for organic movements. To use them in your MAX environment, first, import the fbx file called T-Posed.fbx That will give you the main T-Posed model with game engine bone structure. Then, you can import other fbx files into the scene to see their animations on your model. Importing will automatically update the bone animation.
Some of the animations are uploaded as turntables images. To see the full list of animations within both archives, please check the presentation images. You will see a list at the end.
Idle Animation - 114 frames
Rolling Animation - 54 frames
Landing Animation - 60 frames
Walking Animation - 31 frames
Running Animation - 21 frames
The character's face expressions are also rigged with a Morph modifier which you can find within the 'Modifiers' tab of the main body mesh in both Native file and Animated files.

The offered content can completely be used for any commercial image production, animation, game production, video production, etc. purposes by the purchaser. However, reselling or redistributing the content and all files within it without our permission is strictly p
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