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Edifícios Históricos da Fazenda RAR Modelo 3D

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Apr 14, 2007
The 3ds files have no texture coordinates or materials when imported into Max 9. Hence, you'll have to re-create the materials and re-map all the models to use them. The description says "ready to go" -- hardly!
Jul 18, 2007
The textures are included, you have to select them in the combo box and download them seperately for 3ds and lwo. I have all of Kamiomi products except the horses and they are great! For lowpoloy.
Jan 25, 2009
As others have said 3ds files do not have texture coordinates. I used the LWO files and Polytrans to make new 3ds files that did work in max fine. Overall good models/textures but if you dont have a model translator program. do not get this for 3ds
A collection of low poly game models, of historical 19th century farm buildings:

*Note: 3DS files may not be accurately UV-mapped, if at all. Lightwave LWO files are primary.

Animal Pen - 880 polygons
Small Barn - 170 polygons
Large Barn - 432 polygons
-barn addon slaughterhouse - 76 polygons
-barn addon dairy - 76 polygons
Chicken Coop - 276 polygons
Skep Bee Hive - 394 polygons
Langstroth Bee Hive - 38 polygons
Pig Sty - 678 polygons
Stable - 792 polygons
Shambles - 1000 polygons
Water Trough - 52 polygons

Low polygon count, game ready models for historical frontier farms and towns in the American west, in the 1800s. All models are available in Lightwave LWO, and 3DS formats, and 3D Gamestudio MDL7 format. Models come with low resolution game-ready texture (usually 256x256), and most come with at least one higher resolution texture.

Most of the buildings are modeled well below ground level, to sit easily on any shape terrain.

Many 3DS models will have to be scaled and rotated, but otherwise, they are ready to go - into your western or historical action, adventure, RPG, or real-time strategy game.

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