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Coleção de ferramentas manuais Modelo 3D

Licença isenta de direitos
- Somente usos editoriais
A propriedade intelectual descrita neste modelo , incluindo o marca "stanley tools", não é afiliada ou endossada pelos detentores dos direitos originais e deve ser usada de acordo com restrições de uso editorial .
Formatos Incluídos
3ds Max 2012 V-Ray 2.3
Cinema 4D 14 Default Scanline
Maya 2011 Maya Hardware
3ds Max 2012 Default Scanline
3D Studio

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3D Modelo Especificações
ID do produto:1408075
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Mapeado por UV:Yes
UVs não enrolados:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro desde January 2015
Atualmente vende 17762 produtos
Classificação do produto
Sem classificação
Hand Tools Collection with sledgehammer (Sledge Hammer), hammer (Fiberglass Hammer), adjustable wrench, plumbing key, paper stationery knife, metalworker, leveling hammer (Rubber Mallet), hand carpenter saw (Bow Saw Generic), metalworking saw (Hacksaw), tongs, anvil, files (Hand Files Set), chisels (Wood Chisel Set 4 piece), plastering blade (Brick Trowel), set of screwdrivers (6 Piece Screwdriver Set).
For industrial tools, industrial equipment, steel handtools, construction tools, stone laying, architectural, masonry, industry hardware, hand work equipment, locksmith crafts, workshop tools, metalworking instruments, repair tools, and manual industrial tools promotional or advertising projects.

Hand Tools Collection is a versatile set of 17 high quality, photo real 3d models that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. The model has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modeled in 3ds Max 2012 and rendered with V-Ray. Renders have no postprocessing.
Hope you like it!

Models list:
1 End Cutting Plier
2 Hand Files Set
3 Dirty Brick Trowel
4 Stationery Knife Generic
5 Old Used Anvil
6 Wood Chisel Set 4 piece
7 Hand Saw 26 inches
8 Sledge Hammer
9 6 Piece Screwdriver Set
10 Vise Grip
11 Hacksaw Generic
12 Bow Saw Generic
13 Vise
14 Rubber Mallet
15 Pipe Wrench 10 inch
16 Ratchet Tool
17 Fiberglass Hammer

If purchased individually:    $573
Collection price:             $239
You save:                     $334!!!

- High quality polygonal model, correctly scaled for an accurate representation of the original object.
- Models resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency. (In 3ds Max, the Meshsmooth function can be used to increase mesh resolution if necessary.)
- All colors can be easily modified.
- Model is fully textured with all materials applied.
- All textures and materials are included and mapped in every format.
- 3ds Max models are grouped for easy selection, and objects are logically named for ease of scene management.
- No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene.
- No cleaning up necessaryjust drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- No special plugin needed to open scene.
- Model does not include any backgrounds or scenes used in preview images.

File Formats:
- 3ds Max 2012 V - Ray and standard materials scenes
- OBJ(Multi Format)
- 3DS(Multi Format)
- Maya 2011
- Cinema 4D R14
- FBX(Multi Format)

End Cutting Plier
Polygons: 4870
Vertices: 4898

Hand Files Set
Polygons: 26627
Vertices: 27642

Dirty Brick Trowel
Polygons: 1342
Vertices: 1338

Stationery Knife Generic
Polygons: 18519
Vertices: 18555

Old Used Anvil
Polygons: 3377
Vertices: 3379

Wood Chisel Set 4 piece
Polygons: 3314
Vertices: 3394

Hand Saw 26 inches
Polygons: 16102
Vertices: 16175

Sledge Hammer
Polygons: 3154
Vertices: 3156

6 Piece Screwdriver Set
Polygons: 8816
Vertices: 8858

Vise Grip
Polygons: 12813
Vertices: 12825

Hacksaw Generic
Polygons: 46675
Vertices: 46145

Bow Saw Generic
Polygons: 5632
Vertices: 5636

Polygons: 10390
Vertices: 10436

Rubber Mallet
Polygons: 261
Vertices: 271

Pipe Wrench 10 inch
Polygons: 13619
Vertices: 13549

Ratchet Tool
Polygons: 1544
Vertices: 1577

Fiberglass Hammer
Polygons: 3157
Vertices: 3148

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