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Painel de vidro Garmin G1000 Modelo 3D

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Blender 2.78c  |  Cycles Render 2017
Contains the Textures used for the G1000 Glass Pan
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843,404 Polígonos
478,664 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
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non-overlapping UVs não enrolados
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Desde 2015

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This is a G1000 Garmin Glass Panel; it's composed by two G1000 GDU (Graphical Display Unit) and one GMA1347 (Audio Controller): the left GDU acts as a PFD, while the right one is used as a MFD.
The G1000 model features 2 SDCARD, 1 HDMI port, 2 DMI ports, 4 USB and various connection sockets.
The Model is composed by a fully detailed Panel&Case for each panel, complete of ports&sockets& independent LEDs.

Model Data:

GDU > Verts = 207078
             Faces = 372295
             Tris = 411757
GMA > Verts = 73139
             Faces = 116299
             Tris = 145589

The model has been developed in Blender 2.78c on blueprints and actual pictures, and Rendered with Cycles (may 2017) with PBR materials.
The 3d File contains separate (named) Layers for easy configuration in 9 Groups, whereas each single object/part is neatly and clearly named for easy access and control by the user.
Text is contained in separate .png Textures (1878x1227px), obtained by 3 handy Photoshop files (.psd, again with separate Layers for Text, Buttons, Outlines); also included 3 Image Object for the GDUs' Screen Display, for demonstration purposes.

Metallic Materials were created using PBR (Physically Based Rendering) shaders, with relevant data for Steel, Nickel, Gold metals; no Texture is used for the Materials, so the model - albeit in Hi-Poly - renders pretty quickly (the shown images were rendered in Cycles in 1 hour at 1600 samples, as average).

The original Blender file contains ALL the Textures (Packed); I've neverthelss provided all the Textures in a .zip file as well.
The Model is offered in true Scale (30.244cm x 19.760cm); each button/knob is ready for very easy rigging, with its own Center of Mass/Geometry.
The Scene comes with 1 Camera and 4 Light sources (three Area lights+one Point light).

Ideal for detailed Flight Simulator, Training Software platforms, or illustration use.

The GDU may be modified as an AP unit as well: for this or any other modification, I'll be glad to eventually support the user; just contact me for any eventual special request.
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