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Datsun 280zx Modelo 3D

Licença de modelo 3D: Padrão    Licença de atualização
Dec 6, 2019
CheckMate Pro Certificado
Lightwave 2015.3  |  Default Scanline rendererVersion
Cinema 4D R20  |  Default Scanline rendererVersion
3D Modelo Especificações
118,461 Polígonos
125,898 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
Mapeado por UV
non-overlapping UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 896360
255 Produtos
Desde 2002

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Datsun 280zx 3D Model.

*** Model Updated Dec 2019 ***

Model completed in Lightwave 3D and Cinema 4D.

High resolution, fully detailed and textured Datsun 280zx.
Detailed enough for close up renders. Comes with detailed textures.
Originally modelled in Lightwave 3d. Final images rendered with Lightwave.
This model has been created to real world scale giving very accurate detail and dimensions.
Extreme care has been taken to keep polygon count to a minimum to ease render times.Lightwave and Cinema 4D version comes with scene files with object parented to null object.Main features:

* This model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.
* The model is an accurate with the real world size and scale.
* Model resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency (in Lightwave 3d the Subpatch Level function can be used to increase/decrease mesh resolution if necessary).
* No special plugins required to open scene.
* Created with Lightwave 3d

File formats:

* Lightwave.lwo
* Cinema 4D .C4D
* OBJ (Multi Format)


* Lightwave and Cinema 4D scene files are included as are supporting objects (Ground Plane).
Lightwave scene files will render the same images as seen above.
* Unit system is set to metric.
* All textures and materials are included and assigned to their relevant objects
* 10 textures are included in JPEG (.jpg) with a resolutions ranging from 3000 x 3000 to 125 x 500 used for main body detail, interior and tires.

* Previews rendered in Lightwave 3d

Polygon count:

* 118,461 faces and 118,461 vertices
* Quads: 114,807
* Triangles: 3,654
* Points: 125,898

Interested in other models, just click on my user name to see complete selection.

Thank you
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