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Conjunto de Criação Modular Round Castle Towers Modelo 3D

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Blender 2.78

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3D Modelo Especificações
ID do produto:939665
Mapeado por UV:Yes
UVs não enrolados:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro desde March 2015
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Aug 7, 2016
A complete round & 'D' tower construction set, complete with curved steps, wooden steps, a stair tower, railing, windows, doors floors, ceiling joists etc. All wall pieces snap neatly together using Blender's Vertex snapping. The seams are there because nothing has been joined. Study the system, and build what you like, joining things where you like.

I took great care in developing this system. Do a walk through in GLSL mode (press Shift-F, - Tab), You'll find that everything works for an average sized human. Doors are the correct size, windows are at the correct height, steps work etc. I made this set specifically to be used in games, so I thought about where I'd want to snipe from, hide etc.

The images shown are sample towers to show how the pieces can be used, but nothing is joined together, so you can pull things apart. All of the round wall pieces rotate around a central axis, and are exactly one quarter circle. I've created a variety of blocks which will allow you to place windows and and arrow loops every 45 degrees, and doors every 90 degrees, at every level. Wall connect to round towers cleanly with the provided attachment block.

Face count is for complete scene, with many blocks duplicated to make towers. I've modeled the blocks very cleanly, with no wasted faces. You can add edge loops as you like.

This set is designed to tie in perfectly with any other Castle Builder 3d set. Each wall section a CB3D standard 9' tall, for ample ceiling height. All pieces have been modeled exactly, and will snap perfectly together.

I've made the pieces as solids, as I need them to be able to work in any way. Remove faces as you need to make what you like. Please keep a clean backup of this file so that you can always have new, untouched pieces.

High rez Diffuse (2048 px tileable) stone and wood. Normal maps, spec, adjustable grunge. The wood diffuse can be used plain or with other maps to give it a plank look (planks diffuse decal, decal normal, displacement). You can bake as you like.

Nothing has been baked or joined. This is a very flexible set.
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