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Retroescavadora Modelo 3D

por QLEE
3ds Max 8  |  V-Ray
3D Studio
3D Modelo Especificações
280,830 Polígonos
144,323 Vértices
Polygonal Geometria
Mapeado por UV
Unknown UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 250564
2744 Produtos
Desde 2004

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Model created and renderer with 3dsmax8.

3dsmax8 model contain applied meshsmooth. You may reduce or increase polycount and modify mesh if required.

Polycount stats and renderings with default meshsmoont 1 iterations.

3ds file exported in two vesrions, lower(168619 poly) and high (280830 poly).

3dsmax8 file include scene for Vray renderer (vray materials, cameras an lights used) and second for standard 3dsmax8 renderer - mentalray (no additional plugin needed).

Simple interior.

Real world - scale dimensions.

Scene Totals:
Objects: 216
Shapes: 0
Cameras: 8
Lights: 8
Helpers: 22
Space Warps: 0
Total: 254

Mesh Totals:

Verts: 145051
Faces: 138720
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